Monday, October 15, 2007

Reviews - 15/10/07

Hard Fi - Once Upon a Time in the West
Following up their 2005 debut "Stars of CCTV", Hard-Fi hit back with a slightly more ambitious set of songs. "Surburban Knights" the first single and opening track sets the direction in which the album follows. It's catchy enough, though rather cheesy at the same time.

Throughout the 40 minutes they go back-up singing crazy and the melodies become unavoidabably grating, getting tedious soon after the first listen.

Lacking the zest and emergency of their first album, Once Upon a Time in the West faces the sophomore slump, as it treads similar area but tends not to really experience any new ground. There is the occasional fun to be had in heavy bass riffer "Close My Eyes", the piano laden and Blur influenced "Television" and swaggering "We Need Love". Sadly the album as a whole is quite disengaging at most times, fans need not to worry as a handful of catchy tracks are present in which listeners can sink their teeth into.

Sean B

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