Monday, October 29, 2007

Album Reviews - 29/10/07

Liars - Liars

New York/Berlin/L.A./(20 other places in the world) innovators Liars continue to make their audience think, but this time a more simple approach has been scratched to disc with their self-titled fourth album. Unlike previous efforts, where concepts are at the forefront of what the band has produced, those methods have been left behind this time around.

The title of the album suggests a more straightforward approach and judging by the sound, this is very much a forgone conclusion. This album also witnesses frontman, Angus Andrew, in a new light with his falsetto vocals (’Plaster Casts Of Everything‘, ‘Houseclouds’’ Cycle Time‘, ‘Protection‘) adding yet another dimension to the slew of variation the Liars already hold within their arsenal.

Andrews also uses his brooding vocals that we’re so used to hearing on the band’s previous material (‘Leather Prowler‘, ‘What They Would Know‘, ‘Freak Out‘, ‘Pure Unevil‘, ‘Clear Island‘), and although some may say this albums is of two halves based on the vocal range of the twisted Aussie, musically, this album is just an indie rock affair from a band that loves to create something different and awe-inspiring every time they enter the studio.

Although “Liars” isn’t the band’s best effort, all plaudits must be given to a band that hold a profusion of innovation and intelligence. No band this era has shown more diversity, musically and lyrically, than Liars and this album is just another bending chapter of the story this band continue to create. The ride will continue to change dramatically in the years and in truth, that‘s the exciting thing about it.


Grinderman - Grinderman

Nick Cave and his mates have ditched the emotional attachments that his music so often contains and have gone for the more in-your-face, ear-splitting adventure; this time under the moniker of Grinderman.

Although the majority of members comprise from the Bad Seeds, the Grinderman make a more visceral and direct approach with their debut self-titled album.

The harsh narrative splurge that kicks the album off during ‘Get It On’ basically represents the album as a whole. The feedback and distortion through album highlight, ‘No Pussy Blues’, is straight up rock ‘n’ roll that will make your ears bleed. It’s typical no-bullshit-straight-up-in-your-face rock ’n’ roll that Cave rarely dabbles upon through his solo material.

‘Depth Charge Ethel’, ‘Honey Bee’, ‘When My Love Comes Down’ and ‘Love Bomb’ all follow on in much the same vein, with Cave and Co. rocking out like the old campaigners they truly are.

Less poetic and more direct, Grinderman have made a visceral collective of sounds, where it’s evident that Cave has entered the studio to have some fun with his mates and what’s been created is just that and some.


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