Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Ryan Adams - Easy Tiger

Easily one of the most prolific artists of our times. Ryan Adams has released an album every year since 2000 (which was the year of his inception of his post-Whiskeytown solo career) except for 2006, in which he was absent probably due to the release of three albums in 2005. Also upon the release of this album their was a disagreement over which title would be put on the album as it was intended to be a Cardinals record though record company executives disagreed to Adams disdain.

Apart from his tendency to release copius amounts of material he seems restrained lately, with the release of only one album and the recently released Follow the Lights E.p this year. If not mostly known for his productive energy towards songwriting it's in the direction he follows with the material which makes it interesting. Albums of the past have been filled with different genres, leaving the fans constantly guessing on what to expect next.

Covering fields from country, rock, blues, folk etc on his ninth record Easy Tiger, it seems like a culmination of all his past works, the album features everything you might of heard before like a condensed version of his 2005 releases: Cold Roses/Jacksonville City Nights/29. Where "Goodnight Rose" has the blues rocking tones that could have appeared on Cold Roses, or "Tears of Gold" ripped straight from Jacksonville with the steel guitar taking the lead role throughout the song and the deep and dense quality of "I Taught Myself How to Grow Old" fitting perfectly upon 29 no doubt.

Adams has seemed to almost work out his patterns for creating music and here he seems to of chosen a select group of songs from each and thrown them together creating a mould for which his sound has become. "Halloweenhead" is the tongue in cheek, rip roaring rock track, "Two, "The Sun Also Sets", "Off Broadway", "Rip Off" and "Everybody Knows" are the soft ballads in which become the make up of the album showcasing Ryan Adams talent as a heartfelt, bittersweet and melancholy songwriter, which all work magnificently.

Ryan Adams seems to lament his way through the album with only a few exceptions. He borders on brilliance if only held back by a few mediocre tracks and the inconsistency of the style of songs selected for the album. Easy Tiger shows an artist at his working best, displaying all his known strengths as a musician, singer and songwriter.


Sean B

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