Friday, September 28, 2007

Reviews 28/09/07

Wilco - Sky Blue Sky

There's always excitement prior to a Wilco release and "Sky Blue Sky" was no different prior to it hitting the shelves (or rathing, leaking in its digital entirety).

Jeff Tweedy delivers, with his oozing lyrical content, which is always a joy to the ear, while the rest of the Wilco clan a more content on jamming out chord sequences and quirky piano lines as apposed to the lengthy experimentation which made "A Ghost Is Born" such an amazing exploration to endure.

'Impossible Germany' is the closet thing to the band travelling down the experimental road that you will hear on the album, with tracks like 'You are My Face' and 'What Light' some of the more accessible material the band has written to date and this is the template the band use for the a large proportion of the album.

Wilco are very comfortable within this album and although it's not as intricate as previous outings, "Sky Blue Sky" is good for what it truly is and will get better with every listen and won't grow old, unlike many of Wilco's contemporaries.


Do Make Say Think - You, You're A History In Rust

One of the many bands to form from Canada's best in the Broken Social Scene are back with their lastest journey of post rock ditties.

Do Make Say Think have been renown to make solid post rock albums and this latest instalment continues in much the same vein. Without being the pinnacle in the Do Make Say Think canon, it fits nicely into the catalogue of the band's previous workings.

The hard hitting 'The Universe!' and electrifying instrumentation of 'Executioner Blues' are definitely the albums highlights and would most certainly rank along side some of the finest sounds the band have written to date.

"You, You're A History In Rust" continues to establish DMST as one of post rock's most consistent bands. In truth they may not have a classic in them, but the world needs bands that churn out quality everytime entrance is made to the studio and this band is indeed one of them.


Simon K

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