Tuesday, October 30, 2007

The Go! Team - Proof of Youth

Off the back of their fresh sounding first album, Thunder, Lighting, Strike, the Go! Team return to 2007. Said to infuse indie rock, hip-hop, dance, funk and cheerleading chants etc, a fair sum up of their sound. Here, led by Ian Parton the band offer up 10 new songs in the vein of their debut. From the beginning "Grip Like a Vice", "Doing it Right" and "Titanic Vandalism" all display that frenetic energy the band are known to enforce and they don't at any time disappoint.

"My World" seems like an update of "Hold Yr Terror Close" a 2 minute instrumental of chant less charm. Again vocalist Ninja is hidden in the mix, with vocals more prominent from other members. "Keys to the City" is a highlight with the constant chanting delivered by a collective it seems, with brass over the top and a surf riff to top it off. "Fake ID" and "The Wrath of Marcie" provide catchy structures, keeping in touch with the albums flow of vitality. Fans of Public Enemy will be sure to enjoy "Flashlight Fight" featuring rapper Chuck D.

Where Thunder, Lighting, Strike was a breath of fresh air and practically original, it feels that Proof of Youth is just a copy of the main blueprint of the band's sound. While that sound is already quite impressive, there's not enough evidence shown to qualify this as a progression from their previous statement, more of a Thunder, Lightning, Strike part two if you will. Still with all said this a very likeable album and proves to be exciting after numerous amounts of listens, even if it doesn't outshine the quality of material executed on the predecessor.


Sean B

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