Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Reviews - 16/10/07

Art Brut - It's a Bit Complicated
If you liked what you heard on 2005's Bang Bang Rock and Roll, then you'll certainly be satisfied with the latest offering from the cheeky Brit band. Like many similar bands circulating right now it's hard to have your own distinctive sound.

Art Brut have seemingly established themselves to a certain degree with vocalist Eddie Argos unmistakable voice, moreso than the music which becomes quite lacklustre after the 20 minute mark. At least the first record was more straight to the point.

This album has a more mature feel to it which is probably a bad thing, rock anthem "Direct Hit" is the only track that seems like it could have been ripped from Bang Bang. "People in Love" is ever reminiscent of Jonathan Richman's Modern Lovers lyrical theme. Like the Hives, entertaining outfit, rocking and put on a good show but at the end of the day probably leave you wanting just a little more. With all things said, Art Brut rarely stray from their popular formulaic song structure keeping it neat, tidy and easily digestable.

Sean B

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