Sunday, October 21, 2007


The View - Hats off to the Buskers
Hailing from Scotland, the View are yet another copycat rock and roll band stuck on repeat. Since being released the album has spawned a number of singles and in particular "Same Jeans", has scored them an adequate amount of attention with it's annoyingly infectious vibe. "Coming Down" is a decent beginning to the album, balls out rock and roll that doesnt miss a beat. "Wasted Little DJ's" is a standout track for its many hooks, displaying their strength in songwriting.

"Skag Trendy" is a delight with it's upbeat tempo and for that it gives bass player Kieren Webster a shot at the mic, giving the sometimes annoying frontman Kyle Falconer a rest. This isnt an album that oozes confidence, there isnt anything risky or particular exciting about it in anyway apart from their inconsistent catchy hooks. Changing it up occasioanlly with an acoustic track here or there.

The View are hardley original, it seems instead of trying to come up with an entirely interesting body of work they have relied on the sounds of bands from the now and before to craft their sound, forming a somewhat varied collage of britpop and beyond. Comparions will be made without doubt, but I shouldnt forget that the album is indeed worked around the title Buskers if that means anything. For anyone who likes the idea of that then this is definitely for your ears, just not mine.


Sean B

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