Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Album Reviews - 31/10/07

Devendra Banhart - Smokey Rolls Down Thunder Canyon

He’s music’s been described as many things, but this time around US song smith, Devendra Banhart and his backing band have opted to strip things right back with their latest instalment of psychedelic trips in “Smokey Rolls Down Thunder Canyon”.

After the drug induced freak-folk haze Banhart has instilled over the past couple of years, this album is certainly the comedown affair of the bunch and when you listen to it, you will totally get this feeling.

The two sticking points begin with the epic ‘Seahorse’. It twists in your stomach with it’s musical foray of psychedelic nostalgia and mind tripping lyrics that all start from the song title itself. Although ‘Saved’ has a stripped backed feel to it, an injection of soul ventures into the background of the song, which is a nice change for Banhart and one that many will be surprised by.

“SRDTC” has to go down as Banhart’s most accessible album to date. Despite people wanting a more obscure aesthetic to dote over, this is an album that the hippie-esque songwriter was destined to make. Although I can see listeners having a slight distaste for it, it’s an album that you can relax to, and this alone makes it different from any other work Banhart has rendered to his audience thus far.


Simon K

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