Friday, October 26, 2007


Babyshambles - Shotter's Nation

Possibly the most controversial musician of our times, Pete Doherty sucks up all the media attention and delivers us Shotter's Nation. Stephen Street is behind the desk this time and reports have stated that there were several close calls for him leaving the project, though after several disagreements, Doherty convinced him to stay on.

Where debut "Down in Albion" had standout tracks this is a much more cohesive effort. Beginning with the incoherent but effective guitar work on "Carry Up The Morning" and the sharp and effective radio hit "Delivery". "Crumb Begging Baghead" is a solid rocker with some doorsesque organs taking it on home. "Deft Left Hand" showcasing Pete at his near best. Ballad and closer "Lost Art of Murder" features folk legend Bert Jansch, in producing possibly the best track on the album. Throughout, Doherty slurrs his vocals and the occasional guitar part, really adding to the murky aura of the record and his character. The song titles and lyrics appear to be apart of the dialect of his home. Not every song here is excellent but there are bits and pieces at every corner to keep the listener satisfied.

Love or hate Doherty, you can't take away his talent for writing good songs. This could be one of the best set of songs he ever releases. It rocks, it's occasionally melancholy and has that beatnik poetic edge to it. One of the better rock records of the year.


Sean B

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