Wednesday, April 30, 2008

My Top 10

Personally this year is already off to a flyer, posting this on the night entering into May, so much has been released, so much quality and so many albums i'm yet to even pay my attention to. With artists like Weezer, Death Cab for Cutie, Conor Oberst and the Hold Steady with follow up albums just around the corner, there's so much to look forward to. Here is my scathing list of songs i've paid a great deal of attention to thus far.

1. Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks - Hopscotch Willie

Throwing out his most jammiest set of songs yet, I can't go past HW, just bouncy and great throughout.

2. British Sea Power - No Lucifer

Simon summed it up well, brilliance. I'll be listening to this for the rest of the year no doubt.

3. Constantines - Million Star Hotel

Slow burning rock opus, the grunge guitar sound returns as does the enchanting gravely voice. No one seems to care much about these guys though I've noticed. The Feist song aint too bad either.

4. Destroyer - Plaza Trinidad

Dan Bejar will be rememberd for his songwriting no doubt, and this is no exception, terrifc melody and magical guitar work.

5. Hot Chip - Out at the Pictures

Great rocknroll electronic song, probably only rivaled by LCD. If you're not dancing by the 1st 30 seconds you have no soul.

6. Death Cab For Cutie - I Will Possess Your Heart

Delivering immensley on the long winded krautish style jam as promised this see's DCFC in a different light altogether and i've definitley eaten it up, have you? it'll be interesting to see how fans feel about the upcoming album I hope it follows in the same vein of this song. Consider me impressed.

7. Wolf Parade - Call it a Ritual

The album is out soon and this is the first snippet, and what a fine snippet it is. The pianos just bend. I wonder how many mobile phones Mr Krug has.

8. Cut Copy - Feel the Love

An opening track I just can't seem to skip. With a bunch of great Aussie albums still to be released this year, this will be hard to top.

9. Atlas Sound - Recent Bedroom

Can't get enough of that Deerhunter sound, this is the next best thing. Thanks Mr Cox

10. Tapes n Tapes - Blunt

Not a massive fan of this band but there's a few tracks on the new album "Walk it Off" that i really dig and this one has been of my most played of the year. Incoherent rock and roll, i dig.

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