Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Album Review - Sun Kil Moon

Sun Kil Moon – April
[Caldo Verde; 01/04/2008]

Mark Kozelek’s has always crept under the radar, whether it be with the Red House Painters, Great Lake Swimmers or more recently under the Sun Kil Moon moniker; the latter, a project which he conducts all the song-writing duties. After several fine releases, including a Modest Mouse covers album, Kozelek returns with arguably his most heartfelt release to date; the enchanting sounds of April.

Again, Kozelek attacks from a different angle with April; this time opting to delve a little deeper into issues he’s experienced on a personal level. Unlike your stock standard three minute singer-songwriter ditty, Kozelek once again draws his songsmith qualities out, which boarder along epic combustion.

The intertwining of Kozelek’s wistful drawls and the tweaking of guitar sounds are striking facets of what make Sun Kil Moon’s music such a captivating listen. ‘The Light’ and ‘Tonight in Bilbao’ portray these qualities and are two of the many highlights April possesses.

A rich autobiographical journey into Kozelek’s ups and downs in life; if ever there was an album that was heartbreakingly beautiful then April stands as tall as any candidate. The drawn out instrumentation and the subtle dabbles of reverb are a pleasant blend with his vocals, that not only tug at the heart strings, but rip them straight out of your chest.

Although an album that won’t feature on repeat, April maintains a quality that will be treasured and listened to at certain times by the listener. Thankfully, this is where the best albums are usually kept in one’s collection.

By Simon K

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