Thursday, April 3, 2008

Album Review - Cut Copy

Cut Copy – In Ghost Colours
[Modular; 22/03/2008]

It’s been a while between drinks, and despite some sharing the belief that Melbourne’s Cut Copy seemingly had fallen off the face of the earth, their sophomore album, In Ghosts Colours, proves otherwise.

Cut Copy have been a religious force for the uber-fashion poser-esque types, whose arsenal largely comprise of Ministry of Sound discs, tight v-necks, scarves and Presets badges. Maybe that’s why we associate the band and their contemporaries in the culture of what’s deemed as popular?

Despite the dubious masses Cut Copy’s music appeals to, the band can take pleasure of being the innovators of this current wave (or ‘scene’, if you will) and their latest affair will continue to push the fact. ‘Out there on the Ice’ is a dancey number that has a slew of catchy soundscapes while front man Dan Whitford delivers his thick innate vocal.

‘Lights and Music’ continues the latter quality that’s tangled up in a raw guitar sound that Cut Copy has integrated successfully into their repertoire. ‘Unforgettable Season’ is definitely the rockiest tune out of the bunch, with a top end guitar sound and a melody that any pop band would be proud of.

Without moving too much from the boundaries they set with Bright Like Neon Love, Cut Copy have refined their song-writing prowess with In Ghost Colours. Given the length of time between the two respective releases, it’s understandable that the band have penned a top heavy record, with things dipping somewhat after the brilliant lead single ‘Hearts on Fire’ and, overall, a barnstorming beginning. There’s no denying a catchy pop record that IGC is certainly that and some.

By Simon K

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