Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Album Review - Jarboe/Justin K Broadrick

Jarboe/Justin K Broadrick – J2
[The End; 14/03/2008]

Ex-Swans member Jarboe has always flirted with the weights of beauty and darkness throughout her career. This time, she collaborates with Napalm Death/Godflesh co-founder and the current brainchild of Jesu, Justin K Broadrick.

Broadrick returns the favour to Jarboe, who contributed vocals to Jesu’s Lifeline EP last year, with J2; an affair that pushes and pulls into different directions right from the outset.

The unfathomable vocal range of Jarboe undoubtedly succeeds in making one feel at unease. The lengthy shrieks through the opening track ‘Decay’ portray this factor no better. The Bjork esque static filled ‘Let Go’ provides a diverse delivery from Jarboe, while Broadrick’s studio manipulating skills are at the fore.

Broadrick stamps his authority on this release with the mechanical low tuning guitars through ‘Magick Girl’ to accompany the opulent vocal from Jarboe, while ‘Tribal Limo’ is filled with Jesu guitar shudders with Jarboe’s shrieks and shrills being maneuvered into a sonic jumble.

Due to similarities in ethos the two respective artists have engaged in throughout the past, this collaboration is one that Jarboe and Broadrick were destined to make. Although, J2 isn’t exactly compulsive listening in comparison to Jarboe’s solo material and Broadrick’s work with Jesu, the emotion both artists convey is an energy that’s worthy of enough plaudits.

By Simon K

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