Thursday, April 24, 2008

Album Review - The Drift

The Drift – Memory Drawings
[Temporary Residence; 08/04/2008]

San Francisco ensemble, The Drift, finally crack the proverbial nut in terms of depicting post-rock as a unique entity. With the typical instrumental elements shining through in the band’s music, a dub instilled jazz sensibility bathes itself upon what The Drift creates, and on their sophomore LP, Memory Drawings, the elements combine as supple brilliance.

‘If Wishes Were Like Horses’ is controlled by mental trumpets, simple chord sequences and a water tight rhythm section that lays the platform for Memory Drawings. ‘Golden Sands’ and ‘Lands End’ are climaxes of the album, with the dub bass lines disguised as undercurrents for wailing trumpets that bring a jazz accessibility to the table. The remaining tracks work around these three respective pieces of work, with a balanced tempo creating an atmospheric niche that The Drift has tellingly mastered.

Very few bands fail to capture the submergence of other genres to the essential post-rock cannon. However, The Drift have with Memory Drawings and with this, they’ve explored intently, infusing a jazz aesthetic to their manual transmission like sound of instrumental rock, with the outcome ending in innovative fashion.

By Simon K

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