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Arctic Monkeys - Favourite Worst Nightmare

Arctic Monkeys are fast becoming a house hold name all over the globe. The band have created a significant amount of buzz in the rock world ever since appearing fresh on the scene late 2005. Their debut album "Whatever People Say I Am, That's What I'm Not" became the fastest selling debut album in British history and picked up the prestigous Mercury Music Prize for the album. Since beginning their career they have headlined festivals such as Glastonbury and topped many celebrated publications album lists. With no time to spare the lads from Sheffield released their follow-up effort Favourite Worst Nightmare, a little over a year later.

The album begins with some of the bands most heaviest material to date with the muse-esque "Brianstorm" not to be confused with brainstorm, the track contains a mixture of powerhouse riffing and relentless drum work. The first track is followed up with steady riff rocker "Teddy Picker" which slowly grows on you and the infectious rocking "D for Dangerous". "Balaclava" begins with singer/guitarist Alex Turner, Yorkshire accent in full swing with his witty lyrics in toe. The second single lifted from the album "Fluorescent Adolescent" slows down the pace down a bit, giving Turner the chance to belt out his whimsical lyrics.

Through the next few tracks the same consistency is shown musically and lyrics filled with blissful nonsense. The only track to challenge the opening song's heavy riffing is "This House is a Circus" as infectious and catchy as ever. The album concludes with "505" their most different and ambitious track put to record to date, featuring brooding but somehow optimistic sounds of the organ, the album finishing off on a high note.

The band have noticeably improved with their respected instruments and their songwriting is more well rounded here. Fans shouldn't be disappointed either as they have taken their original sounds from the debut album and practically expanded it here, though not straying too far away from it. The debut will probably remain the fan favourite, though clearly this album being a much all round stronger effort.

While their debut was a work of amateurs this is the work of a group of full time working musicians. Favourite Worst Nightmare is a far superior record than the predecessor, the album is better produced and more cohesive with better songs. Love them or hate them the Arctic Monkeys are unavoidable, they are a force on today's music scene and who knows when they will be stopped?


Sean B

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