Friday, September 28, 2007

The Medicore Report - 28/9/07

Sometimes it's hard to let go of the past, and bands you used to listen to are a great part of that. With your tastes always evolving you are likely to stray away from those artists of yester year though the curiosity in me gets me everytime it seems.

The Nightwatchmen - One Man Revolution

So many people were in anticipation of this solo project of Tom Morello, (Ratm, Audioslave) though when they got there hands on it realised it wasn't what they though it'd be. Gone were the simple effective riffs and rocking sounds, exchanged simply for an acoustic guitar and his own voice. The album is so lacklustre, his voice included. The album is fluent enough to get through but I hope I don't have to hear it again anytime soon. Fan's of his past band should have an open spot for it in their collection.

HIM - Venus Doom

I still think Razorblade Romance is a good record, but damn, post RR it's been a fairly downhill trek for the dudes from Finland. Every album seems to just recycle the efforts of their previous work, not really bringing anything fresh or interesting to their sound. There's only so much a band with the same sound can do before they lose their touch. After listening to this album i'm fairly sure this will be last new music i'll hear from the band unless i read something special.

Turbonegro - Retox

I must admit i'm not familar with any of their material pre-Scandinavian Leather though since then their music has not lived up to that album one bit. Sure it's always fun and rocking but there gets to a point where funny/jokey lyrics become boring and uninspired. This hasnt gotten too bad of reviews. It just doesnt sit well with me, just average usual rock and roll. Time to back catalgoue then anticipate the next record I say.

Best Track - Everyboby Loves a Chubby Dude

Grinspoon - Alibis and Other Lies

Where does a band go after ditching their original sounds for a more commerical rock sound? Do they go back or is there such thing as forward for a band like this? Compare this album to Silverchair's Young Modern, this album has absolutely nothing. If you're not a fan of Young Modern at least you can say they're doing something a little different or if not different, interesting. If this album doesnt win them fans or awards it'll at least cement them a position as one of today's leading Aussie pub rock bands. The riff's havent got any better infact more boring. Phil's seem's to of been practicing his vocals quite a bit to no avail. You know something's wrong with the current state of music when Grinspoon are adding STRINGS to their sound, man that's a joke even if it's not the worst sounding track here. Still like any other Grinspoon record it's all smooth sailing, catchy enough to get you through. Not enough to keep you coming back through.

Best Track - Carried Away

Chris Cornell - Carry On

Left in the lurch by his former band Audioslave with the reformation of Rage Against the Machine. In no time ex-Soundgarden vocalist released his sophomore solo album 7/8 years after his first. The artwork clearly states this is a Cornell only record. The album begins with a boom with generic riffs i used to love, backed up by sloppy vocals. The album has been very poorly recieved and it's not without reason. Included is a slow sombre cover of Michael Jackons's hit "Billie Jean" and James Bond Theme "You Know My Name" which isnt too bad, also thrown into the fold is some country influence and a variety of instruments. The album is hugely inconsistent, going for quantity over quality running over almost an hour with 15 tracks. As everyone says, "Cornell reform your old band everyone else is doing it".

Best Track - Safe and Sound
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