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Fall Guide Part 1 - Reviews and Previews

ABC - Previews

BIG SHOTS - With a promising cast with ("Alias") star Michael Vartan and ("Practice's") Dylan Mcdermott, star in this new high life profile comedy/drama about CEOs and all that stuff etc. From what i've seen this doesn't look to great.(Stay tuned for reviews)

CARPOOLERS - This show portrays a bunch of guys including Jerry O'Connell who pretty much carpool to work everyday, having nothing in common but random events. Seems like it could be funny, but won't be suprising if it get's the can early.(Stay tuned for reviews)

CAVEMEN - I have seriously no idea what to make of this concept, starring ("Superman Returns") Sam Huntington, a trio of cavemen try to live in modern day America as they struggle their way through it with humorous outcomes, no doubt will either be the next IT show or get cut early.(Stay tuned for reviews)

DIRTY SEXY MONEY - New dramedy starring ("Six Feet Under") Peter Krause, ("the O.C") Samaire Armstrong and Donald Sutherland. This look's great on paper, but after checking out a few trailers and reading up on it a bit, it just doesn't seem too great. Definitely be giving it a chance though.(Stay tuned for reviews)

MISS/GUIDED - Probably will be more popular among younger viewers as ("Arrested Development") Judy Greer plays a once unpopular kid in her school days to later return to school as a Guidance councillor reliving some of her painful memories, this could prove to be a funny show, but i'm skeptical.(Stay tuned for reviews)

PRIVATE PRACTICE - Greys Anatomy spin off, will be interesting to see if this proves a success, or are they biting off more than they can chew? We will soon find out.

WOMEN'S MURDER CLUB - Looked pretty mediocre, based on a James Patterson book series, it will no doubt attract tv crime fans.

ABC - Reviews


Easily the most interesting ABC show to be picked up this season with tv show creator Bryan Fuller at the helm, whose been responsible for both fan favourite series "Dead Like Me" and "Wonderfalls". This is the story of Ned (Lee Pace) who realises at a young age that at a simple touch he can give and take away life, so he decides to put his unique gift to some good use by helping a private investigator, Chi McBride solve crimes. The pilot is quirky and and is visually delightful. It's touching and carries an intriguing storyline with a likeable cast. I'd like to see this show stay on, though with the creators past credentials it's not likely, this just may be to wacky for mainstream viewers, good luck Bryan.

CBS - Previews

CANE - This show could be the next Sopranos, the story surrounds a cuban family on their rise to power whilst running a completely legal sugar can business. Possibly best drama to be picked up this season with Jimmy Smits as the lead. (Stay tuned for reviews)

MOONLIGHT - New supernatural vampire series which has a promising cast with ("A Knights Tale") Shannyn Sossamon and ("Veronica Mars") star Jason Dohring. It could easily be a hit or miss though could be entertaining enough. The comparison to Joss Whedon's "Buffy" spinoff "Angel" may upset some fans, or vice versa.(Stay tuned for reviews)

SWINGTOWN - Easily my most anticipated show to be released this season, though it won't hit screens till 2008, The show is set in the 1970s and will deal with several different themes such as key parties and open marriages which were at large. Cannot wait to see this show.(Stay tuned for reviews)

VIVA LAUGHLIN - Haven't seen to much on this one, but it stars Hugh Jackman and is based on a high powered businessman trying to get a casino up and going or something like that. Could possibly be over the top and it was voted worst new series to be picked up, i'm still keen to have a look though.(Stay tuned for reviews)

CBS - Reviews


Starring ("Roseanne") Johnny Galecki and major hottie Kaley Cucoa. The show comes from writers from such shows as "Two and a half Men" etc, so that kind of put me off somewhat, but the premise is quite funny. Two totally nerdy guys living in denial as a beautiful girl moves in next door, as humourous events start to unfold mainly in the interaction between the girl and the nerds. The show is a little cheesy but it has potential, the show features lots of nerdy dialogue which sometimes can be quality and others just not. Depending on where they go with this, it could prove to be one of the funniest shows on television. Note - lookout for the belt buckle of one of the nerds friends, pure gold.

The CW - Previews

GOSSIP GIRL - ("O.C") Creator Josh Schwartz comes up with his next show based on a book series of the same name, this has the same target audience as the O.C with the same themes and such but hopefully will outlast it. This should no doubt be a hit featuring lots of sex, drugs, hotties etc. I'm looking forward to this as any other OC, teen romp tv fan will.(Stay tuned for reviews)

The CW - Reviews


This is the story of a really dorky kid in a modern day American high school who get's teased constantly, though has a younger more popular sister, who has just been ranked number 1 on the most "bangable" list for the year. Getting fed up, his parents decide to get an international exchange student to befriend him as no one else will. So as a suprise a young Pakistani kid turns up causing a stir. The show lacked depth, though had a few laughs. It could run out of ideas quickly, but i'll stay with it for a few more episodes.


Possibly the better of the fall pilots to be released, Bret Harrison ("The Loop") plays a slacker working a dead end job. He finds out on his 21st birthday that his parents sold his soul to the devil (Ray Wise) and in return he must do favours for him as a bounty hunter. The hilarious Tyler Labine plays "Sock" his sidekick who with not much going on himself chooses to help him out providing a very Shaun of the Dead feel to the show. Love interest was originally played by ("O.C") Nikki Reed who was replaced recently by ("Life as we Know it") Missy Peregrym. The pilot was directed by Kevin Smith and was easily the most entertaining and funny pilot i've viewed as far..

Fox - Previews

BACK TO YOU - The new comedy starring Kelsey Grammar and ("Everybody Loves Raymond") Patricia Heaton, looked fairly mediocre won't be suprising if it turns out a hit.

CANTERBURY'S LAW - Could be a hit as for fans of these types of shows, the female lead, Julianna Margulies starring as a hard ass lawyer.

K-VILLE - I was skeptical about the concept of this show, but it looks quite promising and looks like something FOX would get behind. K standing for Katrina i believe, as the aftermath of the fateful hurricane plays out, two cops played by Anthony Anderson and Cole Hauser try to clean up the town no one else wants to. From what i've seen this has a real gritty feel to it, could be one of the season standouts. (Stay tuned for reviews)

Fox - Reviews


Continuing on from Terminator 2, this is the story of Sarah and John Connor trying to evade the robotic machines out to get them. The pilot was practically non stop action with no real high points at all apart from lead star Lena Headley being more sexy then orignal Linda Hamilton. Thomas Dekker does a decent enough job of reprising the role of John Connor and ("Serenity") Summer Glau stars as Cameron their protector. The pilot was completely uninspring, I was fairly bored most of the way through. Like most recent film to tv translations e.g Blade, the future for this isnt looking very bright.

NBC - Previews

LIPSTICK JUNGLE - Starring Brooke Shields, this is slated to be the next "Sex and the City" the comparison was probably drawn as it's by the same author, this looks trashy and will probably gain some attention.


Suprising entertaining which mixes a few concepts from past shows, i think they're calling it a mixture of Smallville and Dark Angel. Based on the old 70's show comes Michelle Ryan the stunning lead who if this show picks up will probably be the hottest woman on televison. The show begins when she's in an accident, her scientist boyfriend played by Chris Bowers takes her body and puts it back together, by the end of the episode she's got a slight idea of how to use her new power and strength while battling another femme fatale. May prove to be a hit.


Produced by ("O.C") Josh Scwartz, Chuck is about a geeky guy working in a computer store when an old colleague of his unknowingly, working for the CIA is killed on duty and in his last efforts manages to send highly confidential data to him. Which not to his knowledge has him being more important than he thinks as weird things start happening around him. Starring ("What about Brian") Sarah Lancaster and newcomer Zachary Levi as the lead role.The pilot was fun, but may run out of ideas quickly.

Most of the series begin mid-late September.
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