Friday, January 23, 2009

Top 21 Albums of 2008

15. Shearwater - Rook

From beginning to end, this is one captivating record. Rook is Jonathan Meiburg coming into his own.

Key Tracks - Rook, Snow Leopard, Century Eyes

14. No Age - Nouns

Still raw but a vast upgrade in production since 07's Weirdo Rippers. From the beginning Randall and Spunt toss out energetic pieces of throw back punk and grunge, it shouldnt work but it does.

Key Tracks - Miner, Cappo, Sleeper Hold

13. British Sea Power - Do You Like Rock Music?

Rhetorical or not, I was compelled to listen to this album for title alone. Always a passing fan of the band - none of their material really ever stuck with me, but three albums in they create a career defining album. Magnum opus? maybe, hopefully. Rock and Roll is alive in 2008 with the likes of bands like this. So yet again the question posed, Do I like Rock Music? Silly question.

Key Tracks - Waving Flags, No Lucifer, A Trip Out

12. TV on the Radio - Dear Science

I still don't think this album is even close to any kind of masterpiece, but boy they are still in fine form. The album doesnt flow as great as it could of but there's quality strewn throughout. Doesnt impress me as much as their past two outings but still great stuff.

Key Tracks - Dancing Choose, Red Dress, Halfway Home

11. Atlas Sound - Let the Blind Lead Those Who Can See but Cannot Feel

Is there anyone making better music right now than this guy? I'm not exactly what you'd call a Bradford Cox fanboy, so I hardley ever check out all his random material available. BC calls this his solo project which is a slight departure from the Deerhunter sound. At first this album took it's time to show itself but after listen upon listen the magic began to reveal itself.

Key Tracks - Recent Bedroom, Quarantined, River Card

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