Friday, January 23, 2009

Top 21 Albums of 2008

10. Constantines - Kensington Heights

Rock and Roll is what these guys do best and they continue to do it well.

Key Tracks - Hard Feelings, Trans Canada, Life or Death

9. Thee Oh Sees - The Master's Bedroom Is Worth Spending A Night In

A really fine garage rock record with a bit of psych thrown in for good measure, I was immediately impressed with this record on first listen and continues to impress me over and over.

Key Tracks - Two Drummers Disappear, The Coconut, Graveyard Drug Party

8. Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds - Dig!!! Lazarus Dig!!!

In all honesty, I'd call this my first Nick Cave album, the first i've paid the most attention to and most i'm familiar with, but that will change soon enough. Keeping in toe with the sound from latest project Grinderman, Cave and the Seeds create a rock and roll ominous atmosphere as Cave snarls his way from start to finish.

Key Tracks - Albert Goes West, Night of the Lotus Eaters, We Call Upon the Author

7. Brightblack Morning Light - Motion to Rejoin

What a record, seemingly went a little under the radar. From beginning to end the album keeps itself swallowed in constant haze. Everytime I put this record on I get internally excited.

Key Tracks - Gathered Years, Hologram Buffalo, Oppressions Each

6. Hold Steady - Stay Positive

Rock and Roll mofo's! Four albums in and Mr Finn and the boys still have it. This album mixes it up a little with some new instrumentation and at first I couldn't see it working, but it does, from one enjoyable track to the next.

Key Tracks - Joke About Jamaica, Navy Sheets, Sequestered in Memphis

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