Friday, January 23, 2009

Top 21 Albums of 2008

21. Blitzen Trapper - Furr

The quick follow up to 2007's Wild Mountain Nation, it may not surpass the quality of that record, but the band continue to write great quirky folk-rock songs.

Key Tracks - Gold For Bread, God & Suicide, Fire & Fast Bullets

20. Mogwai - Hawk is Howling

This album took awhile to sink in, but once it does, it is one fantastic record.

Key Tracks - Batcat, I'm Jim Morrison I'm Dead, Scotland's Shame

19. Thomas Function - Celebration

Whimsical rock record from a band that wear their influences upon their sleeves with plenty of hooks and plenty to get excited about, hopefully they get more noticed this year.

Key Tracks - Relentless Machines, 2012 Blues, Conspriacy of Praise

18. Crystal Stilts - Alight of Night

These dudes released an e.p early 08, showing alot of promise before releasing this bombshell. Call it the what, 4th? 5th? coming of Jesus and Mary chain, it doesnt matter - this is a fine collection of distortion filled pop tracks.

Key Tracks - Dazzled, SinKing, Departure

17. Cold War Kids - Loyalty to Loyalty

I never really got into their first record, but they seemed to have \ found a fair bit of success. I almost never checked out this record, but I thought why not. This time around vocalist Nathan Willett weilds a real Rufus Wainwright like vocal performance with some really great piano playing creating some really fine songs.

Key Tracks - Every Valley is Not a Lake, Golden Gate Jumpers, Against Privacy

16. Earlimart - Hymn and Her

These guys keep on keeping on in similar fashion, writing tremendous sweet pop songs. Yes, so what if Aaron Espinoza sounds like the late Elliott Smith, that's probably why I adore it so much.

Key Tracks - Cigarettes and Kerosene, Teeth, Song For

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