Saturday, January 17, 2009

Part 3 - Pre-top 21 Propaganda

This year was as someone elegantly pointed out was the best year in music since 2007, in which I fully agree with. The difference between 2008 and any other year to date was over exposure, which to an extent is a great thing, but really how well are we really getting to know our music? There's just so much out there at the moment and if you look easy or hard enough it'll end up in your hands. Blogs became more relevant than ever (for new discoveries) as well as other similar style blogs established themselves, thanks sordo. Already 2009 is shaping up handsomly, and we're all probably in for more of the same, so my goal is too try achieve more by listening to less, fingers crossed. Also for anyone who reads this blog i'd like to apologize for the lack of the updates for the past few months as both Simon and I are incredibly busy, but in 2009 I hope to get some more material out there for the very few who read, but thanks to anyone who is, much respect.

Before I announced the belated top albums of 08, here's just a few things I wanted to mention:

Disappointing Records of 08.

Here comes the bashing, where I rage upon the albums that didn't live up to expectations! No not really. People are always looking for new sounds and exciting bands to listen to and discuss amongst friends so really - even when coming to your favourite bands, it's not really much to push aside - pay respects to their magnum opuses and put on something better, here's a few I felt about this year, I could list quite a few but i'll keep it relatively short.

My Morning Jacket - Evil Urges

Still a good album - but I just don't think it works as an LP.

Ryan Adams - Cardinology

Easy Tiger part 2, in which that album really didn't need a second part.

Supergrass - Diamond Hoo Ha

As discussed in my earlier review and still yet to change my mind, this album purely blows just in context of following up what was Road to Rouen. I'm sure in years to come it'll be looked upon with more appreciation.

Dandy Warhols - Earth to the...

Just way too long and messy.

Surprise Albums of 2008!

Pretty much, albums that impressed me vigorously, as expectations were pretty low.

Oasis - Dig Out Your Soul

Call it what you will, a return to form or just a great set of tracks, I choose to go with the latter. Just a consistently decent record from a band everyone's kind of forgotten about.

Top Tracks - The Turning, (Get off Your) High Horse Lady, I'm Outta Time

Rem - Accelerate

This record, seemed to be as the press mostly called it the make of break album for the Athens, Georgia veterans as most people know their last few albums have been a tad unexciting and lack any commerical interest, but this time round, Buck gets his distortion on, the songs a little simpler but it's fine rocknroll, it's great to hear Mr Stipe voice swaggering again in such a manner.

Top Tracks - Living Well is the Best Revenge, I'm Gonna DJ, Man Sized Wreath

Wire - Object 47

Like, Mission of Burma who released a pretty good record a few years back, I wasnt expecting anything from this but after a few spins, I found their sound just as fresh as anything else this year, with great guitar hooks and atmosphere. Maybe Verlaine might get his band back together and release something, yeah? It's always great to see bands still in fine form after their master works.

Top Tracks - One of Us, Mekon Headman, Four Long Years

Special Mentions

Here's to a few records much enjoyed throughout the year that just missed out.

Death Cab for Cutie - Narrow Stairs
Brendan Canning - Something For All of Us
Drones - Havilah

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