Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Lullaby's Song Scrobble

At random either Lullaby contributers will post random songs that are currently being enjoyed and listened to way too much.

Song Selection #1

Jay Z - 99 Problems (The Black Album, 2003)

It hasnt even been a week since Jay Z's "controversial" headlining spot at Glastonbury festival but with the music world unwilling too forget the events, not only myself but I'm sure there's been a ton of people listening to his records in the past week, in the lead up and the aftermath of the festival. Everytime I throw on the Black Album I just can't skip 99 Problems, it's so rock and roll. The lyrical delivery is fire and each time the song closes I'm always tempted to skip right back to it. Be sure to check out the Glastonbury footage via youtube as Jay Z rocks straight into the track after his infamous parody intro. Golden.

Beck - Think I'm in Love (The Information, 2006)

Every time I hear the Music Max adverts wherever I am, there's always a snippet of the chorus of this song. Every time i hear it i just want to leave from wherever I am just to throw the track on. Apart from a sickly catchy chorus line. The bass lines forever keep the song chugging along with some enticing piano work strewn across the chorus. By the way I thought the album was really cool much to the dismay of a lot of Beck fans.

Spoon - The Two Sides of Monsieur Valentine (Gimme Fiction, 2005)

This is a song I really hoped Spoon would play in January this year. As my friends and I were driving to one of their gigs I asked one of them to throw this track on. One of them replied, what do you see in this track? To which I really couldn't answer, apart from being just a solid pop song. Short and Sweet, terrific chorus and verses that never let you down.

!!! - Yadnus (Myth Takes, 2007)

With a massive drumbeat coming in somewhere between Battles "Atlas" and Garry Glitters Rock and Roll parts 1 or 2, I'm not sure which it is. This is the kind of song you want to hear out at a club after your third drink. The track thumps along in all it's jiving and jaunting spirit.

Fleet Foxes - He Doesn't Know Why (Fleet Foxes, 2008)

There seems to be two sides of thought towards this band. People who think they sound like the latest bunch of southern styled rock bands without giving them much credit that they can pull off incredible melodies from nowhere, or you have the fans who lap up those sweet engrossing melodies (me), so i guess this is where this song comes in. This song stuck out like a sore thumb on my first listen, just incredible use of melody whichever way you look at it. Robin Pecknold's voice may be very similar to some modern rock singers out there but this is too good to really give a shit about that.

Grizzly Bear - While You Wait For the Others (Live, 2008)

Being heralded as one of the best tracks of the year, and I'm in agreeance, there's just something about the rawness and slight contrast to that of their work on Yellow House. This track seems a little more straight forward but in the best way possible. The song keeps at a steady pace throughout the duration with sincere organ bursts and a slightly more upbeat chorus backed by terrific and effective backing vocals. Hopefully this will appear on their forthcoming album, I'll just be curious to hear what the recorded version comes out like.

She & Him - Why Do You Let Me Stay Here? (Volume 1, 2008)

This was the first song I heard with Ms Deschanel in all her singing glory. Upon first listen I was mightily impressed as I still am today. I caught their performance on Conan O'Brien the other night with Yo La Tengo backing her and M Ward, which was something I was pretty excited about. The song came out just as well live as it does on record. I love its laid back but slightly southern country rocking acoustic feel.

Sufjan Stevens - The Predatory Wasp of the Palisades is Out to Get Us! (Illinoise, 2005)

With the music community still hugely anticipating his next effort I was lucky enough to catch one of his shows earlier this year, which was and is the best show I've been to in quite some time. At one stage in the night if I remember correctly Sufjan quietly approached his microphone and began this song. It was at that moment I kind of fell in love, I was only slightly familiar with this track but at that moment I and everyone else fell in love me for the first time yes everyone else probably not. The intro is simply majestic, you could probably listen to it over and over for the rest of your life just knowing how sweet his voice is and the subject of the song. I'll probably forever remember standing in that crowd and falling in love as he performed his heart away.


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