Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Album Review - Ladyhawk

Ladyhawk – Shots

If you take away the over zealousness of Okkervil River and the grandeur from Wolf Parade then the sounds of Ladyhawk aren't too far away from the sound metres. Hailing from Vancouver, Canada, Ladyhawk are yet another Canadian collective that go about their everyday business, yet still receive the necessary plaudits from the small community that engages with their music. With the release of their second album, Shots, Ladyhawk continue to naturally progression within their landscape.

That progression consists of a mixed bag of tricks this time around. 'I Always Don't Know What You're Saying' – like all good openers - flows with an organic democratic steel, while the short clasps during 'S.T.H.D' are raucous rock at it's best, embellished with a murky aesthetic. Opening single 'You Ran' is without a doubt the catchiest thing to come off Jagjaguar in quite some time, almost ending before it even gets started. Closing affair, 'Ghost Blues', expands the band's sound, musically, rippling with highs and lows of your typical epic closer, naturally ending the album on a high.

Although Shots is admittedly an experience of peaks and troughs, the peaks witness a band at the top of their game. Ladyhawk's attitude impresses out of all of this. It's no-frills rock 'n' roll that impresses when at the top of its game. Add a raw country tinge to the mix and you have a band releasing music that's placed towards the top end of the spectrum.

By Simon K

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