Friday, July 4, 2008

EP Review - Crystal Antlers

Crystal Antlers – Crystal Antlers EP
[04/06/2008; Self Released]

Just like “Deer” last year and the year before that “Wolf” the new craze is to put “Crystal” in your band's name! Hailing from Long Beach, California, Crystal Antlers are sonic mess that like to fiddle around with effects pedals and various other tools that converge to form ear-splitting noise through an amplifier.

Their self-titled EP doesn't let up from start to finish, with walls of fuzz and untrained screams taking up most of the disc's space. 'Until the Sun Dies (Part 2) starts of with mental fuck wittery then takes a back seat with chilling keyboards and undulating bass lines kept at arms length only for the waves to come crashing once again that ends the track in stomping fashion. 'Vexation' and 'A Thousand Eyes' crash like successive concrete blocks, with psychedelic rawness. Closing track 'Parting Song For the Store Sky' is the EP's highlight, with towering crescendos and vocal wails any hippy from San Francisco would be proud of holding a pair of ears to.

It's good to see a band play with raw energy and Crystal Antlers obtain this and put it into practice well enough to warrant multiple listens. However, it's nothing we haven't already heard before, which begs the question; does the world really need another Comets On Fire? Well, there's near enough two of everything else, so why the fuck not?

By Simon K

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