Thursday, May 22, 2008

Album Review - Mudhoney

Mudhoney – The Lucky Ones
[Sub Pop; 19/05/2008]

Seattle's favourite 'active' acid wash sporting rock 'n' roll band, Mudhoney, have gone full circle throughout their career of making music. Without really expanding a boundary as such, Mudhoney have always been a joy to hold an ear to. Mark Arm and his mates have dropped the brass section dabble that found itself embellished throughout their last affair Under A Billion Suns (arguably their most ambitious one) and have gone back to their stripped down dirty rock antics with The Lucky Ones.

The title track could well just be the album's highest point, with Stooges-esque chord progressions that are bound to make any '80s alt rocker on the verge of going grey and bald, jump up and down in nostalgic fashion.'Tales of Terror' ranks amongst the most aggressive thing Mark Arm has penned since Superfuzz Bigmuff with those dusty congealed vocal pipes unleashed into a cacophony that almost blows holes through the speaker monitors.

The Lucky Ones, in some instances, is Mudhoney taking their best bits of music created over their career and unifying them into one big gauging rendition of fuzzy rock 'n' roll. It could well possibly be the album that Iggy & The Stooges dreamt of making at the age they're at now, but instead we got The Weirdness. Thank God we still have Mudhoney showing their ability to reach the top of their game.

By Simon K

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