Friday, May 2, 2008

Album Review - Dodos

Dodos – The Visiter
[French Kiss; 10/03/2008]

With a moniker that could see many people snubbing this band, I would advise you not to do so. Okay, so the name “Dodos” is suspect at the very best, but surely the music is the main concern here? The San Fransico duo have the ability to write a nice ditty and their debut album, The Visiter, holds this evidence. As for the moniker; perhaps irony best sums it up?

'Joe's Walzt' is a drawn out affair of bluesy guitar noodlings and drumbeats that shift adeqautely in tempo throughout the duration. 'Paint the Rust' follows with a sequence of disjointed drumming and a folk tinge that manages to sound along the rhealms of unique. This is where the band is at its best, as apposed to the shorter songs, that really stem the flow the album's albility. 'Jodie' is another highlight and something that the Dodos - if only momontarily - may just have got the jump over The White Stripes on.

Although The Visiter comprises of interesting sounds, you feel that things become a little too calculated throughout the album, with the band a little apprehensive to broaden its horizons, despite their potential to do so. A band with undoubted promise, though in the case of this album, the quantity of the tracklist could have definitely been cut to maybe 10 songs as apposed to 14, with the shorter ditties the prime candidates for the axe.

By Simon K

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