Thursday, May 15, 2008

Album Review - Cog

Cog – Sharing Space
[Difrnt Music; 12/04/2008]

Since releasing their Just Visiting EP series earlier in this era, Bondi mood rockers Cog have always gained a certain respect from me. With their ability to expand upon a few ideas, they've always made good use of their methods. They return with the follow-up to their impressive debut, The New Normal, with Sharing Space; the latest instalment of politically inspired ideas.

'No Other Way' kick starts proceedings with its nine minutes 58 seconds build-ups and break downs while Flynn Gower's riled conspiracy rants don't hold back, which paves the way for the remainder of the album. Two singles, 'What If' and 'Bird Of A Feather' comprise of thick melody and a large guitar crunch that they've always been successful in constructing, while 'How Long' sees the band slowing the pace down for listeners to catch their breath momentarily.

Sharing Space really comes into its own during the back end, with 'The Town of Lincoln' and 'Four Walls' among the higher points of the album, as Cog stretch their limits of song craft all the way until the final note. Gower embarks upon a tirade of words towards various issues concerning the modern day and it's this that's the telling factor of the album, as his ability to extrude a shallow metaphor (most notably during 'Are You Interested?') is undoubted. With the band at their peak, it's time to cherish this release for listeners of Cog's music, because it could be debatable as to whether things will remain at the same level. Only time will tell.

By Simon K

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