Friday, November 30, 2007


Rilo Kiley - Under the Blacklight

Like several bands to release albums this year, I'd heard their names or a track or two a few years back. Now that music have become even more accessible, since then I've finally gotten to hear some material. Like Rilo Kiley and others who have been around for awhile I haven't had the chance to check out their previous work.

So walking past Rage one night i heard the catchiest single ever, I hung around for long enough to see who it was. The song turned out to be "The Moneymaker" the first single from the album. The record hadn't been released yet so I was hanging out for it. After I finally got my hands on it and after hearing many mixed opinions I got stuck into it, after a few listens I had it pegged as one of the best albums of the year, I've probably changed my mind since then, but Under the Blacklight will be one of the smoothest, coolest, catchiest, cheesiest things you'll hear this year.

Guilty pleasure it may be but from the beginning stages, come the sounds of delight in opener "Silver Lining" and the follow up of "Close Call", building up to the fantastic title track and the albums greatest achievement "Dreamworld". When the album soars it soars, such a pleasure to listen to, though we can't forget the average material facing us also. Jenny Lewis sometimes has the notion to write the most absurd lyrics, sometimes they work and sometimes they just leave you sitting there thinking, WHAT? This is perfectly demonstrated in "Smoke Detector". "Breakin Up" and "Dejalo" pure catchy pop tunes, but are just as fun.

Even with the uneven quality of the material and it's heavily cliched demeanour the album rarely fails to dazzle. I've heard several comments on it's failure to stand up to their past work, with taking a more commercial route. Though it makes complete sense as being their debut album on a major label. This still remains a great work of pop. Listening to Jenny Lewis sing is almost as good as looking at her.


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