Friday, November 30, 2007

Belles Will Ring - Mood Patterns

This 5 piece Australian outfit hail from the Blue Mountains in Sydney. This is their debut album and it seems they have slipped through the attention of the majority of the music listening nation. I'm unsure how much air time the independent radio stations like Triple J have awarded them, but I do hope they have gained a fair amount.

This is one of the better records I've heard this year, channeling the sounds of the jangly 60's, this album begins with fire on opener "The Coldest Heart" the Byrds inspired guitar playing and interwoven melodies, it's all very impressive. Though not entirely a throwback to another generation, there's still many modern traits mish mashed into the equation just not as prevalent as the older influences. I must add that the 60's revival or the so called neo-psychedelic revival, is one of my many favourite genres of music.

For those that know of the existence of Belles will Ring "Park Benches" seems to be a bit of a fan favourite with a striking chorus and rousing guitar playing. As the album unfolds, it's hard to deny the gentle and majestic quality and the ease in which they demonstrate their fine songwriting. On the occasion some tracks outweigh the brilliance of others but that's fairly normal for a band at thee opening stages of their career. "Older Younger" is them at their most profound, followed with their most rocking "And Jesus Said Unto Me" both filled full of guitar and synth interplay. "It's Only Goodbye" portrays a certain beauty, featuring melodies in full swirling motion. "Strange Girl" rounds up Mood Patterns in the best way possible, it'll have you falling in love immediately.

I don't know what it is, but records like this always evoke something in me, there's not a genre i prefer and when a band like this turns in such a terrific effort, it's just thrilling. As much as we all like keeping the music we love at bay, I hope this band achieve some success in the near future as they deserve it. Australian Album of the Year.


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