Friday, November 23, 2007


The Cooper Temple Clause - Make This Your Own

Without managing to appeal to the masses in their just shy of a decade career, on their third and last album the Clause go out with a bang. The album has a different feel to it's predecessors, it seems more optimistic and the band appear to be confident as ever. Even if not as chaotic and fresh as their past material they still manage to create a broad template with each track offering something new at each turn.

Opening with "Damage" it's instantly one of the most cheesiest and catchiest tracks you'll hear this year. Finishing up with the pop sounds of the first track they plunge into the rocking "Homo Sapiens", a pleasant dose of aggression. Years ago, I was instantly intrigued when just reading about this band before I even heard them, (mostly named related) critics had already applied them the electronic rock tag, which intrigued me the most, as it's a hard style to pin down successfully. These guys may not be Primal Scream but playing together would be a wet dream. "Head" and "Connect" have the full blend of the electronic rock thing happening, which both work quite well. In the vein of Suede comes the catchy tune "Waiting Game", with also the Placeboesque style vocals. "Take Comfort" is a departure with the straight forward acoustic guitars and xylophone filling out the background."What Have You Gone and Done" and "Isn't it Strange" are both striking as well, exhibiting the fine songwriting the band possessed.

Influences are apparent on this record with echoes of Spiritualized, Suede, Happy Mondays and Primal Scream strewn throughout the record. Some fans may be really disappointed with the direction the band sailed in on this effort, ditching the destructive path for a more commercial sound. I almost sold this record down the river until i decided to give it a few more spins in which I'm really glad I did. Even though the album tends to falter occasionally it's still a really fine effort. It's sad to see The Cooper Temple Clause go their separate ways.


Sean B

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