Thursday, June 5, 2008

Album Review - Grey Daturas

Grey Daturas – Return To Disruption
[Neurot Recordings; 22/04/2008]

Melbourne's Grey Daturas have been around since the commencement of this era's noise faze, with their debut album Dead in the Woods comprising of sounds that would aptly fit the aftermath of a car wreckage. The twisted grinding dins presented by the Grey Daturas were something new to the listener, despite sometimes veering off on a tangent and creating an easier listen, such as the elegant post-rock number, 'A Japanese Romance'.

Their second album falls somewhere in the middle of the two extremes created with their debut affair. With the results a little easier on the ear, but still managing to render a sound as vicious as ever, Return to Disruption is truly one of the great surprises this year will bring.

Despite the title track and 'Undisturbed' holding onto the unconventional spasms of noise the band's debut album presented, it's numbers such as 'Answered in the Negative' and 'Demarcations Disputes/ Unity' that embark on a journey of rolling feedback and washes of noise sending the band's music into overdrive.

Return to Disruption is the Grey Daturas unleashing their cacophony of freight train colliding noise, but in a more melodic fashion. You just feel the band was treading water with the ways of the world with debut opus, but this time an underpinning of sound has given the band more of a solid framework, resulting in one of the noise albums of the year.

By Simon K

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