Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Album Review - Errors

Errors – It's Not Something But It Is Like Whatever
[Rock Action Records; 03/06/2008]

In many respects, Glasgow's Errors are a version of Mogwai that you could hit the dance-floor to. It's no coincidence that the latter have drafted this young trio in to releasing their debut album on Rock Action Records (the 'Gwai's own label). After all, RAR's roster of artists all claim to present one raging similarity; making noise and equally doing it in fine fashion.

Much like Errors' debut EP How Clean Is Your Acid House?, It's Not Something But It Is Like Whatever contains a fair underpinning. 'Dance Music' is a sardonic title that we've witnessed Mogwai using throughout their career. Errors portray this well enough, with flowing beats that are catchy and equally raw enough for the village idiot to shy away from.

'Salute! France' stands as the album's finest moment with it's melodic drive created by a gliding keyboard encapsulating what Errors set out to achieve on their debut, albeit if it's only momentarily. 'Still Game' provides the come down, with a more guitar orientated dirge, while closing track 'Alot of the Things You Don't Isn't' maybe just that, hauntingly closing the album with darkness and mystique.

Although the basis prevails with solidarity, at times, INSBIILW feels like a chore, with large pieces of deadwood floating in between the finer bits; most of which are mentioned above. If Mogwai made dance music then it would probably sound like this, but unlike Errors, when they lay foundations, you'd well and truly know about it. It's hard not to sit Errors next to their label mates, but as they say, when you've made your bed...

By Simon K

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