Thursday, March 13, 2008

Album Review - The Kills

The Kills – Midnight Boom
[Domino Records; 10/03/2008]

Someone either turned down Jamie Hince’s guitar amps or maybe The Kills were just renting their equipment and couldn’t pay the installments? Either way, some form of memo needed to be sent to The Kills stating that they must use guitars. That’s what they’re good at. Not lo-fi sounds and sludgy vocal drawls, which is what their new album Midnight Boom essentially comprises of.

Raw distortion and low guitar tunings were two facets that made The Kills’ previous releases such an enjoyable listen. Something of a contrast as far as Midnight Boom is concerned. ‘Last Days of Magic’ and the opening single ‘Hook and Line’ show glimpses of the old Kills sound, which is fast becoming a distant memory if the remainder of the album is anything to go by.

We’re all for progression in music. That’s the whole point of actually creating. However, in progressing, playing to your strengths is essential and The Kills’ instrumentation was the main weapon that achieved maximum damage. It seems to have disappeared in the haze of Alison Mosshart and Jamie Hince’s chain-smoking laden. Instead of burning, though, things are beginning to fade and that’s never a good sign.

By Simon

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