Thursday, March 13, 2008

Album Review - Hot Chip

Hot Chip - Made in the Dark [Astralwerks Records 4/2/2008]

Hot Chip have never really interested me alot, though with being mesmerized by LCD Soundsystem on their summer tour and getting into Sound of Silver a bit later than expected, I found myself motivated to hear the Chip's follow up to their mightily enjoyable sophomore "The Warning". The thing about coming into this album was interesting as one would think there could be no way the band could top such catchy tunes as "Over and Over" and so on. Here we have yet another diversified effort full of bits and pieces spread throughout, i guess the most frustrating thing sometimes is when you hear them place quality music moments in such sub par songs. Plus you can tell they're not shy to show their hedonism especially in "Shake a Fist".

The album overall kind of dwindles in quality as more filler material outweighs the good. Let me finish though this album is a must for any music fan. Opener "Out at the Pictures" is such damn impressive way to begin your third album. "Touch too Much" is fun and catchy as "Hold on" is mightily intriguing. Stick around though as the most impressive track comes in at number eight, "One Pure Thought". The title track also reminds me of the Streets. As I keep listening, the more it comes together, even if I'm not consistently stimulated.

By Sean

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