Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Album Review - Blood On The Wall

Blood On The Wall – Liferz
[Social Registry; 15/01/2008]

Influences can be a nasty thing sometimes. It can either come off as a blatant tribute to the band one is inspired by, or it can be a scenario where the band in question takes the batten from its influences and runs with it.

While Frank Black contemplates whether to make another Pixies record, New York trio Blood On The Wall have been churning out lo-fi ditties that fall somewhere in between the abrasive noise of the Pixies and the vocal monotones of Sonic Youth’s Kim Gordon. The end result is the band’s third album, “Liferz”.

With the Pixies more than likely settling to just chill and do the touring thing for the remainder of their career, Blood On The Wall are the perfect recipients to take the ball and run, with their raw sounds and balls-out attitude being the perfect recipient to augment a template that was so awe-inspiring in its zenith.

Their previous album, “Awesomer”, was the start of something fresh, if not a little pre-ordained. “Liferz” continues in much the same vein, but with an accessible essence to it (‘Hibernation’ and ‘Junkeee…Julieee’) that witnesses the band moving forward. It may only be a matter of baby steps we’re talking here, but it’s more than you can say for a lot of others.

By Simon

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