Saturday, February 16, 2008

Album Review - Vampire Weekend

Vampire Weekend – Vampire Weekend
[XL Recordings; 29/01/2008]

It seems certain divisions in the “industry” have a new bit of wanking material in Vampire Weekend’s self-titled debut album. Low down: They’re from New York; they met at University; they had a common interest in web blogs and thought they’d throw a band together just for good measure.

I’m not too sure whether this is genuine or a blatant piss take and I’m sure a few others around the traps will have the same thoughts. Then again, I maybe missing the whole point, but I’m not that old. I mean, some of us miss The Strokes, but not so much as to throw a few idiots together with instruments in the mean time. Times aren’t that bad.

I thought getting a record deal was hard? XL Recordings must be handing them out like free flyers from the unemployed guy on the sidewalk. If you’re in a band, take a stab with XL. You couldn’t do much worse than Vampire Weekend.

For those who paid for this album, more fool you. Learn a lesson and don’t believe hype. And to the thieves who downloaded it. Save a bit of space on your hard drive by clicking on the file and using the delete function.

By Simon

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