Friday, December 7, 2007


The Polyphonic Spree - The Fragile Army

The Spree have captured our attention since their birth in the early 2000's. Two records on and a three year wait we have the Fragile Army, possibly their most rocking, radiant and buoyant record to date. Tim Delaughter definitely has his finger on the pulse on album number three, keeping it exciting and exhilarating if not producing their most accessible record to date.

Like the past records, orchestral flavours are strewn across as is the many choir filled tracks which give the group their distinctiveness. "Running Away" and "Get Up and Go", start the album taking a break from the softer material and get busy with their more jubilant rock sound, revealing an even more upbeat sound. "Younger Yesterday" and "We Crawl" provide the catchiness, "Mental Cabaret" is an instant highlight with the Fleetwood Mac-esque style chorus and dominating verses and "Light to Follow" the down tempo electronic opening seemingly influenced by trip hop an excellent beginning to the track led by the excellent solid rocking outro. Closing with the small epic "The Championship" summing the whole record up nicely.

Keeping in line with their two previous records the track list begins at Section 21 and follows on until concluding at Section 32. There is no question that a band like this is forever faced with the novelty banter, but there is no problems when the music your producing is of fair quality. The album could possibly fall short of fans expectations, taking a seemingly more commercial direction. The Fragile Army is a welcome addition to the their catalogue, with no doubt establish themselves as a an act to be reckoned with. Also new fans should have no trouble hopping aboard the Spree train third record in.


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