Saturday, December 1, 2007

The Ponys - Turn The Lights Out

Third album into their career and first album to be released on Matador Records which must have put a spring into this Chicago quartets step. This is one loud noisy rock and roll record. Yet to achieve universal success this band are just brewing waiting to get some attention. The material shown here might not be anything in the way of fresh of new, but it's definitely effective, also the name of the band suggests they deal in something much lighter which isn't the case at all.

I remember hearing a few tracks off their sophomore effort "Celebration Castle" but none of it evoked this much arousal. From the blasting opener of "Double Vision" being up there with some of the better rock tracks of the year. It has already been picked up and has been played in a slew of TV shows this year, and it's not surprising whatsoever, it's sharp and rocking. The next few tracks follow in a similar pattern until we reach the foot stomping title track. If your foot doesn't start tapping you don't deserve to be listening. "1209 Seminary" and "Shine" flow great back to back with riffs and chord patterns swirling endlessly. "Poser Psychotic" follows the barrage of solid riffing, keeping it exciting, until it swerves into "Exile on My Street" taking the sound off into yet another interesting direction.

To be honest the rest of the record is filled with more of the same type of tunes similar to the songs from the beginning but yet different in ways. It definitely rates up there as one of the most coolest albums of the year. With so many bands these days making such abysmal music, you have a small band like this who usually aren't even liked by guys with similar taste to mine, but Turn The Lights Out just blows me away. Call it Garage rock, Dirty rock, just rock, I think I've find my new pick me up album and it's brilliant.


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