Thursday, August 30, 2007

Reviews 31/8/07

Spoon - Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga

Even as I write this review, Ga x 5 continues to grow on me. This is Spoon's sixth album and follows up the well recieved Gimme Fiction (2005).

My interest in the new album came whilst i was watching Late Night with David Letterman one night as Spoon were announced as the tonight's musical guests. So i decided to stick around. Glad in doing so as not only were the band present but were accompanied but a whole brass secton! They played the first snippet from forthcoming album entitled "The Underdog" which turns out to be quite a departure from some of their earlier work, never had one of their songs glowed so bright. I was impressed.

From the opening track "Don't Make me a Target" the album begins on a high note with main man Britt Daniel chanting the title multiple times to an energetic backbeat of guitars that plough through the remainding minutes. Ga x 5 never seems to lose your attention with such quality and catchy songs with each listen usually floating something completely new to the surface.

Tracks like "You Got Yr Cherry Bomb" and already mentioned "the Underdog" glisten as they are backed with brass sections, which really add that extra touch. "The Ghost of You Lingers" provides the signature Spoon sound with only piano chords played throughout the track as Britt wails over the top.

I've been listening to Spoon for a few years now and none of their previous efforts have stood out to me as much as this one. This is a truly exceptional release in an already accomplished career, Ga x 5 could possibly be the finest material they've yet recorded


Sean B

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This is a frickin sweet album.