Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Reviews 29/8/07

Silverchair - Young Modern

Silverchair are pretty much the most popular band Australia has to offer, depending on whenever they feel like releasing new material. 5 years later we have Young Modern.

This album is all over the place, which isn't necessarily a bad thing, from the few rocking tracks to the more poppy compositions which are mostly layered with charming orchestrations to the more straight forward tracks made for radio, left with a few great left of centre tracks such as "If You Keep Losing Sleep". The contrast in songs being written by the band now pretty much display how much Johns and co have matured musically over there years.

Silverchair are pretty much well known these days for having adopted two types of fans. You have your pre-Diorama fans (rock fans) and your all round fans (more open minded fans), I predict this effort will not sit well with the former.

With Johns coming off side project "The Dissociatives", Young Modern sometimes is hard to separate musically from said project with the same kind of obvious ideas being thrown into the mix with a few exceptions with the more rocking tracks (which are suprisingly quite scarce here). It's been said that Johns and fellow songwriter Luke Steele (Sleepy Jackson) were going to get together for a project, it seems a few songs that could have made that gig may have made it to this album in the way of "Low" and "Waiting all Day".

Silverchair's sound is a continuous work in progress it seems, mainman Daniel Johns has alot he wants to get out, nowadays an album by these guys is fairly spontaneous for the fact that you have no idea which direction they will take, which is fairly exciting.

Young Modern is an enthusiastic record but it is patchy, some just really plain tracks meshed with bursts of brilliance.


Sean B

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