Tuesday, August 5, 2008

EP Review - Red Sparowes

Red Sparowes - Aphorisms
[01/08/2008; Sargent House]

Forming out of back alleys of the clubs Isis and Neurosis made themselves respectively comfortable in, Red Sparowes continue this slice of post-metal fever in a slightly lighter shade. Having already released two full-length albums to date, the Los-Angeles outfit return with a three song EP that still has all the long titles and riff-o-rama to go with it.

Aphorisms is a leap forward inside the band's progressive sound space. 'We Left the Apes to Rot, But Find the Fang Grows Within' holds the killing opener quality that we look for in all opening songs. The six minute and thirty seven second beast is clear evidence that this band is moving into territory of finer quality. Guitar jaunts bruise from head to toe, with heavy breakdown patterns and beautiful shifts in tempo ending the song, while the listener is left gasping for more breathing space. 'Error has Turned Animals Into Men, and To Each the Fold Repeats' spikes a similar vein, but in more ear-catching fashion, with steel pedal guitar sounds giving the themes Red Sparowes embark upon a melodic geometry.

Although many people will see this genre as somewhat formulated and contrived, like most genres, it will still evoke quality. Rather than a sequence of sounds paying homage to your favourite artists, Red Sparowes actually render their own soundscapes without pilfering bits and bobs from their contemporaries. Aphorisms shows the Red Sparowes in their finest light and if the future for this band weighs up to anything like this, then there's hope for us all yet.

Lullaby Recommended

By Simon K

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