Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Top Films of 2007

Honorable Mentions - Good Shepherd, Eastern Promises, Breach, Infamous, Letters From Iwo Jima, Little Children, Priceless, Cashback, Reign Over Me, Bobby, Black Book, Venus, The Lookout, Noise (Australian Film of the Year)

15. Waitress

A fairly simple synopsis with all the right ingredients. Keri Russell is great in her role and Nathan Fillion complements her well in this magic little tale.

14. Once

This film is similar to Winterbottom's "9 Songs" but also much different in it's content. Two lonely souls meet and engage in a relationship on the basis of their love for music, their is chemistry and the songs are mostly great.

13. Science of Sleep

Another fine quirky film by Michel Gondry.

12. The Lives of Others

My 11 and 12 were the finest foreign films to be released in 07. This film delves into the secret spying of wealthy Germans by the stasi. Probably the best ending to a film i saw this year.

11. Pan's Labyrinth

Maybe like alot of people I was mislead when going into this film, thinking i was going to endure some epic fantasy to be swept into a world of something much, much more. Outstanding film.

10. A Mighty Heart

Some may question my putting this film in front of the aforementioned films. This is a truly devastating account of love lost in the amount of confusion in a foreign background. One of the more emotionally explosive and intense depictions of film I've ever seen. It's not such an easy watch but that's not really the point. Cudos Mr Winterbottom.

9. I'm Not There

Finally after sometime I got around to see this film about one of the most intriguing musicians of our time. Dylan is depicted by 6 different actors in 7 different stories. Sometimes the film is fully engaging especially the Cate Blanchette folk/electric story. With a terrific soundtrack and lots of great references strewn across the picture. Even if the film doesn't always work it's always kept interesting, especially with Haynes at the helm being one of the most interesting directors of our time. Expect to be totally frazzled out of your mind those who arent too familiar with Dylan's career.

8. Inland Empire

2007 saw the much anticipated film from Lynch, and my god is it a mess. It's instantly appealing from the get go but in this 3 hour epic it turns to incoherent ramblings at the end of the first hour or so. Lynch films are always such an event and experience even though i struggled my way through the film, i somehow was always completely captivated.

7. The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford

Such a beautifully shot film, the visuals alone and cinematography make this film a stand out. The film is a little slow-paced as it purely deals upon James last days and his emotionally unhinged state, his trust in everyone simply disintergrates, the character development is truly exceptional and whenever the James and Ford characters share the screen it's fire.

6. Half Nelson

This was the only film i saw twice this year. Ryan Gosling puts in a career defining performance that I think everyone must see. The premise is always inspiring if at times a little disengaging. I think Gosling will be forever remembered for his role as Dan Dunne.

5. The Darjeeling Limited

Wes Anderson has yet to really disappoint in his already fine career. Some are already saying this is his best work. As always his films are a visual delight, and his characters chemistry are extremely satisfying. Funny and profound and quirky, the elements are put together perfectly.

4. Control

One of the most confronting, dark and mesmerizing depictions of a superstar to be go down in flames with severe bouts of mental struggles. This is purely about Ian Curtis and Joy Division. It's funny and it's sad, one of the finest films of it's kind i've ever laid my eyes on.

3. No Country For Old Men

Some are already calling this a masterpiece. They are probably right, this is a purely remarkable film adapted from an excellent book directed by an awesome team. I mean having read the book may have taken away some of the electrifying moments of the film, but apart from that it was all fire. Great acting, superb direction, excellent cinematography. Hell these characters have already found there way into cinematic history. I'm also surprised that nobodies mentioned how much of a departure it was for the Coen's, but easily their best film in a long time.

2. Zodiac

What a film, easily one of the best detective/journalistic thrillers i've ever seen. With Fincher at the helm nothing could go wrong. The three main characters are excellent, and with a premise so sensitive you cannot help being mystified about the real events.

1. Into the Wild

Finally topping off my annual list is this beautiful film, directed by Sean Penn. I'd read the book earlier in the year and there were just too many great elements the film had, that i knew upon viewing it'd be all that i knew it'd be. It stays very loyal to the book, and Penn keeps it exciting. Emile Hirsch is effortlessly brilliant in his finest performance yet. Eddie Vedder's soundtrack is a great companion piece. To anyone who claims they love this film, I merely suggest you read the book.

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Darragh said...

Great blog. "Once" was a great movie....I'm a massive Frames fan, and it was great to see Glen Hansard gain a lot more exposure for his music.